Paying for COBRA

Paying for COBRA

The Cost of COBRA

COBRA can be expensive — there is no denying that. Many people get sticker shock when they see how much their health coverage is under COBRA. You are generally required to pay the full cost of your health coverage plus an additional two percent administrative fee. Remember, this is the full premium charged by the insurance carrier, including the portion that your employer paid on your behalf prior to your qualifying event.

If you experience a qualifying event and receive our materials, the information will include your premium. The two percent administrative fee will be part of that total cost.


Make Your Payments on Time

When you elect COBRA, you must pay your premiums on time. Our COBRA invoices will have the payment due date listed, and you can also find this information through your online WageWorks® account. If you fail to make a payment by the due date, your coverage will be canceled and you will lose your COBRA rights.

Be aware if you fail to receive an invoice, you are still required to pay on time.

Keep in mind that you may have other less-expensive options if you choose to decline COBRA. Learn more on our COBRA Alternatives page. Just be aware that turning down COBRA may impact your rights under federal law.