Retiree Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Retiree Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Extra Money for Health Care Expenses during Retirement

You’ve spent years saving for your retirement, and maximizing your savings is more important than ever. Check to see if your employee benefits include a WageWorks® Retiree Health Reimbursement Arrangement (RHRA). This account offers financial support from your employer to help pay for health care expenses you may have during your retirement.

An Employer-funded Account for Retirees

You don’t contribute any money for this account. Your employer provides the funding for your retiree HRA, which allows you to purchase qualified health care expenses using your account funds. As long as there is money in your account, you can use the funds to pay for eligible HRA expenses.

Your employer decides which health care expenses will be reimbursed by your RHRA. Most expenses are similar to those reimbursed by a health FSA.

Typical RHRA Eligible Expenses

  • Medical expenses: co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles, and Medicare premiums
  • Dental expenses: exams, cleanings, X-rays, and dentures
  • Vision expenses: exams, eyeglasses, and eye surgery
  • Professional services: chiropractor and acupuncture
  • Prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, and insulin
  • Over-the-counter health care items: bandages, diabetes test kits, blood pressure monitors, etc.
  • See more examples on our Eligible HRA Expenses page

Important: To find out the specific eligible expenses for your RHRA plan, review your employer’s Summary Plan Description (SPD).

More Money without Any More Taxes

Good news! You don’t pay taxes on the money in your retiree HRA or your reimbursed expenses.

Find a Plan that Suits Your Needs

Are you looking for a Medicare plan or an individual plan? We can help you take the confusion out of making the right plan choice with a service that’s included with your WageWorks Retiree HRA at no cost to you. Our partner, HealthCompare, can help you find the right plan at the right price.

You can use the HealthCompare website to identify coverage choices that match your specific needs. It’s easy to compare plans online… get started now by clicking a link below.

If you prefer to talk to someone, simply click one of the links above to obtain a phone number. One of our licensed benefits advisors can walk you through your plan options and help you enroll in a plan right over the phone. Finding coverage has never been easier!

Your Benefit Card — The Easy Way to HRA

Does your retiree HRA include the Visa® Benefit Card? If so, you will find that paying for health care expenses couldn’t be any easier. The benefit card gives you instant access to your RHRA funds so you can pay for eligible expenses at most merchants where Visa is accepted.

Learn more on our Benefit Card page.

Your Employer’s Plan Details

Your employer sponsors your retiree HRA plan and decides how the plan is set up, how much money goes into the account, if funds can roll over to the following year, and expenses that are reimbursed.

Because of this flexibility, each RHRA varies from employer to employer. Your account funds may accumulate while you are an active employee, or your employer may establish your RHRA after you retire and contribute funds each year throughout your retirement. Check your Summary Plan Description (SPD) for specific details about your RHRA plan.

RHRA Guidelines

RHRAs are regulated by IRS rules. These rules require WageWorks to review your RHRA reimbursement requests. You must keep all receipts and other supporting documentation that verify your retiree HRA eligible expenses.

Learn more by visiting our retiree HRA Participant Guidelines page.