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How Can We Help You?

WageWorks® offers easy-to-use spending accounts that enable you to pay for essential healthcare, child and elder care, commuter, and wellness benefits with money deducted from your paycheck 
before you pay taxes on it. 

How Do I Sign Up?

How Do I Sign Up?

Get Answers to Enrollment Questions


Looking for commuting benefits?

Unlike many other benefits programs, you don’t need to wait for the next open enrollment period to sign up for a WageWorks Commuter Account. You may sign up at any time.

Click here to set up your online WageWorks Commuter Account.

If you’re new to WageWorks, click here to verify your employee status and create a password. Our automated registration is quick and easy. You’ll soon be on your way!

Looking for health benefits?

WageWorks Consumer-Directed Health Benefits are offered during your company’s open enrollment.

Look for the WageWorks benefit listed in your company’s materials and follow your enrollment process to sign up.

Don’t know when your open enrollment is?

Contact the person or organization managing your open enrollment program. 

Or click here to get answers.

What Does
Pre-Tax Mean?

What Does
Pre-Tax Mean?

Big Savings for You


Employee EverydayYou usually think about your income in terms of your gross pay, such as $55,000 a year or $7.25 an hour.

But you pay taxes–state and federal income taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare withholdings. How much you pay in taxes–your tax rate–depends on how much you earn. The tax rate is applied to your gross pay. 

When you designate money to pay for benefits pre-tax, it is withdrawn from your gross pay before any taxes are deducted.

This reduces the total amount of taxes you pay and puts more money in your pocket.

How Do I Save Money?

How Do I Save Money?

By Reducing Your Taxes


WageWorks benefits are designed to help you save money on essential expenses like healthcare, child and elder daycare, and commuting. 

It's simple. WageWorks helps you set aside pre-tax money each month from your paycheck into one or more tax-advantaged accounts.

You can then spend the money from these accounts on eligible expenses. In the end, you save money because you pay for essential expenses with money that’s tax free. You take home more money by paying fewer taxes. And you do it with minimum hassle.


An example of how you can save:

Employee Savings Table 799 381

How Do I Use WageWorks?

How Do I Use WageWorks?

Check Out How Easy It Is


Using your WageWorks account is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Estimate how much you plan to spend on healthcare, child or elder daycare, commuter, and other types of eligible expenses for the year.
  2. Pay for eligible expenses using several no-hassle payment reimbursement options.
  3. Reduce your tax burden and take home more pay.

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