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Employee Benefits Account Management

Employee Benefits

WageWorks Healthcare Card

The WageWorks® Healthcare Card is the quick and easy way to pay for eligible healthcare expenses using your WageWorks healthcare benefit account(s). You’ll love the swipe-and-go convenience of this preloaded debit card. Use it to make a copayment at a doctor’s office, purchase prescriptions at the pharmacy, buy a new pair of glasses, and more!

Paying for Eligible Healthcare Expenses Just Got Easier

Why use your WageWorks Healthcare Card?

  • Pay eligible healthcare expenses directly from your WageWorks healthcare benefit account(s)—just swipe and go
  • Avoid the hassle of submitting claim forms—most card transactions are automatically verified at checkout
  • Enjoy the convenience of smart card functionality—use your card with more than one WageWorks healthcare benefit account

“My WageWorks Healthcare Card makes it so convenient to access the money in my WageWorks account. I bring it with me every time I take my kids to the doctor or pick up a prescription. I just swipe and go. It couldn’t be easier!”

- A happy WageWorks Healthcare Card holder

Use your prepaid WageWorks Healthcare Card to pay for healthcare products and services, such as your doctor’s appointments or co-pays, prescriptions, eyeglasses, and contact lenses. 

WageWorks Healthcare Card 101

Using Your Card

The WageWorks Healthcare Card is a convenient payment method tied to your WageWorks healthcare benefit account(s). It makes it quick and easy to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. It’s easy—just swipe and go! When you swipe your card at checkout, choose "credit" (even though it isn't a credit card).

Your WageWorks Healthcare Card is only for use at select pharmacies, healthcare providers, and general merchandise stores that have an Inventory Information Approval System. Before using your card, always visit the site for a list of approved merchants that have an IRS-approved inventory system in place. list of approved merchants where you may use your card.

If your health insurance plan covers a portion of the expense, your card may only be used for the out-of-pocket portion of the expense. Be sure to present your health insurance plan member ID card before you use your WageWorks Healthcare Card to pay for the product or service.

Use your WageWorks Healthcare Card to pay for eligible healthcare products or services on the same day you receive them. Learn more tips on using your card to avoid the hassle of card use verification.

Verifying Card Transactions

While most WageWorks Healthcare Card transactions are automatically verified, the card is regulated by IRS rules that everyone must follow.

What’s the quickest and easiest way you can comply with the rules? Save your receipts! Every time you use your card, make sure you get a receipt. And then use the WageWorks EZ Receipts mobile app to upload photos of your receipts in case you ever need to verify a card transaction.

Read more about card use verification

Getting Your Card

In most cases, your WageWorks Healthcare Card is automatically mailed to you when you sign up for one or more of these WageWorks healthcare benefits during your Open Enrollment period:

Your human resources department or benefits administrator can tell you if employees in your organization automatically receive a WageWorks Healthcare Card when they enroll in one or more WageWorks healthcare benefit accounts during Open Enrollment. 

Key Features and Benefits of Your WageWorks Healthcare Card

Works with All WageWorks Healthcare Benefits

Smart Card Technology for Your Convenience

You can use your WageWorks Healthcare Card with all WageWorks healthcare benefit accounts. Thanks to smart card technology, your WageWorks Healthcare Card knows exactly which account to draw funds from. It practically does the thinking for you! If you have more than one WageWorks healthcare benefit account, the card pays for eligible healthcare expenses from the right account at the right time.

For example, let’s say you have a WageWorks HSA, a WageWorks HSA-Compatible FSA, and a WageWorks HRA. Your WageWorks Healthcare Card knows to pay for eligible dental and vision care expenses from your HSA-Compatible FSA. And it knows to pay for eligible healthcare expenses from your HRA first, before you tap into the long-term savings of your HSA. The card helps you manage the spending associated with each of your accounts.

Works Seamlessly with the WageWorks Web Portal and Mobile App

The WageWorks Healthcare Card and your WageWorks account are completely integrated. The Card Center on the WageWorks web portal not only shows your recent card transactions and available account balances; it also provides more information about where and how to use your card, ordering replacement cards, and downloading important forms associated with your card. When a card transaction needs to be verified, you receive a card use verification notice in your WageWorks account through the web portal.

On the WageWorks mobile app, you can easily take photos of your card transaction receipts and save them to your WageWorks account should you later need to submit receipts to verify card use.

Questions about your WageWorks Healthcare Card? Check out the FAQs in the Employee Help Center. 

The Card Center on the WageWorks web portal is your one-stop shop for information about your WageWorks Healthcare Card. 

The WageWorks mobile app makes saving receipts from your WageWorks Healthcare Card transactions fast and easy. 

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