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Employee Benefits Account Management

Employee Benefits

Customize Your Profile

Your profile features important information about you, including your:

  • WageWorks® account user name and password
  • Contact information, including your mailing address, phone numbers, and current email address
  • Preferences for how you’d like WageWorks to communicate with you by text message, email, or mail
  • Preferences for how you’d like to be reimbursed for claims you submit—for example, by direct deposit in your bank account or a check being mailed to your home

You can update, change, and customize your preferences in your profile at any time.

Tip: Make sure your email address is current in your profile so you don’t miss any important news about your WageWorks benefits.

Confirm Your User Name and Password

Update Your Contact Information


Confirm Your Communications Preferences


Receive Detailed Emails

Don’t miss important deadlines or forget to submit receipt verifications. Sign up to receive secure, detailed email alerts about your WageWorks benefits. Set your communication preferences to receive detailed emails when:

  • Claims are processed and paid
  • Receipts are required to verify a card transaction
  • Receipts are being held for card verification

Send and Receive Text Messages

Opt in to receive important WageWorks benefits information via text message. This feature helps you manage your benefits proactively and in real time—directly from your smartphone.

  • Text the word CARD to MYINFO (694636) and immediately receive your Healthcare Card and Commuter Card balances via text. Message and data rates may apply.
  • Text the word BALANCE to MYINFO (694636) and immediately receive all of your current account balances via text. Message and data rates may apply.

Set your communication preferences to receive any of the following text messages:

  • Claim Processed
  • Payment Issued
  • Card Verification Required
  • Card Transaction Declined (includes the reason for denial)

Set Your Reimbursement Preferences

The quickest, easiest way to get reimbursed for eligible expenses you’ve paid out of pocket is to sign up for direct deposit.

  • It’s easy. Once you sign up for direct deposit, you don’t have to deposit checks. Your money is automatically deposited into your bank account on time, every time. What could be easier?
  • It’s fast. There’s no waiting around for a paper check to be mailed to you. Direct deposit gives you faster access to the funds in your WageWorks account.
  • It’s safe. Your money is safe and secure with direct deposit. WageWorks uses the same high levels of security that companies and the government use to transfer funds. The chance of fraud or identity theft is less with direct deposit than with paper checks. Direct deposits are confidential. Direct deposits don’t get lost.

How to Sign Up for Direct Deposit

  1. Log into your WageWorks account.
  2. If this your first time logging in to your WageWorks account, be sure to first register for your WageWorks account.
  3. Once you have logged in to your account, click on Profile in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Click on the Reimbursement Method buttons on the left.
  5. Select Direct Deposit under Select Reimburse Payments by.
  6. Enter your bank name, bank account number, bank routing number, and type of account and select Save Changes.

Please note that it takes 7 to 10 business days to set up your direct deposit in your WageWorks account. 

Employee Resource Center

Ready-to-use tools to help you make the most of your WageWorks benefits.