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Support & FAQ


  • How do I make additional contributions to my HSA?

    There are two ways to make additional contributions to your WageWorks HSA.

    1. Electronic deposit. The easiest and fastest way is to make an electronic deposit to your HSA. Log into your WageWorks account for instructions.
    2. Check deposit. Log into your WageWorks account and go to the Help section. Download, print, and complete the HSA Contribution Form, and mail the form along with a check to: WageWorks PO Box 9813 Providence, RI 02940-8013
    Alternatively, you may simply note the following information on your check and mail it to the above address:
    • The tax year of your contribution (between January 1 and April 15, you can make a current or prior year contribution)
    • The type of contribution (regular or rollover)
    • Your account number

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