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Steamline Enrollment

Eligibility & Enrollment Services

{Streamline Enrollment to Drive Up
Engagement and Drive Down Costs}

WageWorks Eligibility and Enrollment Services

This powerful, scalable, and fully customizable set of services for benefits program eligibility
and enrollment are fully integrated with WageWorks Consumer-Directed Benefits. These services
ease the administrative burden of benefits management and carrier reporting while increasing enrollment and participant satisfaction.

Enrollment & Eligibility

How Does It Work?

As An Extension of Your Benefits Team


WageWorks Eligibility & Enrollment Services is a powerful, scalable, and fully customizable solution for benefits program eligibility and enrollment.

The solution is designed to increase enrollment rates and participant satisfaction. It eases the administrative burden of benefits management and carrier reporting, which frees up valuable human resources professionals’ time to focus on core business issues.

This flexible solution is tailored to the needs of your benefits design. It is fully integrated with all WageWorks Consumer-Directed Benefits, including FSA, HSA, HRA, Commuter Benefits, COBRA Administration and Direct Billing (Retiree) Services, and Wellness Programs.

WageWorks Eligibility & Enrollment Services: The WageWorks Advantage

Customizable Self-Service Website

  • Empower your employees with an easy-to-use, self-service website
  • Can be customized and configured to feature benefit options, dependent and beneficiary information, primary care physician data, employer-driven messages, videos, questionnaires and surveys
  • Enable your employees to make midyear status changes to benefits and efficiently manage and report any changes to the appropriate carrier
  • WageWorks performs the overall testing of the system and provides you with a test site to audit and approve

Robust Carrier Reporting

  • Use our integrated electronic carrier file data exchange and reporting capabilities to send enrollment information for employees and dependents for processing
  • WageWorks interfaces directly your insurance vendors and/or third-party administrators to determine specific data formats and other reporting requirements

Full-Service Enrollment Coordination and Management

  • Design and implement the ideal benefits enrollment process, including plan design, rules-based eligibility, costs and employee/employer pricing, as well as customized training manuals, fact sheets, and other employee presentation materials
  • Rely on WageWorks to handle printing and fulfillment activities.

Wellness Incentive Payment Management

  • Integrate with your wellness vendor to manage the variety of wellness incentive payment methods, including payments to HSA and/or HRA accounts, and health insurance premium reductions

Outsourced Call Center Services

  • Not staffed to handle all of your employees’ calls? Our dedicated call center staff can answer all of your employees’ benefit questions.

Direct Billing

How Does It Work?

Powerful Technology + Unparalleled Direct Billing Expertise + Dedicated Support


WageWorks Direct Billing Administration Services: The WageWorks Advantage 

WageWorks Direct Billing Services are a comprehensive set of direct billing and 
administrative services that are tailored to the needs of your specific employee population. 
Streamline your HR workload and reduce administrative costs.

Comprehensive Set of Services

  • Direct billing for Leave of absence (LOA), short- and long-term disability, missed deductions, and retirees
  • Premium billing and collection
  • Sending enrollment materials and carrying out open enrollment
  • Issuing late notices to ensure coverage is not terminated
  • Sending out notifications of any rate or benefit changes
  • Reporting tools to keep clients informed and up-to-date
  • Monitoring and tracking of all payments and activities


Fully Integrated and Customizable Services

These services are fully customizable and tailored to the needs of your specific employee population.