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Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

{Help Your Employees Save Money on
Child and Elder Daycare Expenses}

WageWorks® Dependent Care FSA - Employer Child Care Reimbursement

Help your employees use tax-free funds to pay for preschool, summer day camp, before/after school programs, and child or elder daycare.

Educate Your Employees About Dependent Care

Educate Your Employees About Dependent Care

Tools for Your Employees


Our website provides helpful information to teach employees about the benefits of an DC FSA.
Employees will have access to key details that will help them determine if an FSA is right for them. 



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How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

It’s Easy to Use, Easy to Save


Employer _daycareA WageWorks Dependent Care Flexible Savings Account (FSA) is a great way to help your employees save money while they’re working to care for those they love most.

With a Dependent Care FSA, your employees can use tax-free funds to pay for dependent care services. Funds are moved to an FSA before taxes are deducted, which reduces their overall tax burden.

Dependent Care FSAs save your company money since employee contributions to FSAs help reduce payroll taxes.


WageWorks Dependent Care FSA: The WageWorks Advantage

Ease of Use Means Greater Enrollment

Your company can drive up enrollment by providing an FSA that’s easy for employees to understand, access, and use. WageWorks make it quick and easy for your employees to pay for eligible dependent care services. All these payment and reimbursement features are synchronized to deliver accurate, real-time account information:

  • EZ Receipts® Mobile App. Employees can use this mobile application to snap a photo of receipts and instantly submit them for payment and check an FSA balance - right from a mobile device.
  • Pay My Provider. Employees can access their FSA online and fill out a simple form to pay dependent care providers - no receipts or claims forms required.
  • Pay Me Back. Employees can arrange for FSA funds to be deposited directly to a checking account or a check to be mailed to reimburse them for expenses they’ve already paid.

Education that Drives Engagement and Return on Investment

A WageWorks Dependent Care FSA is more than just an account. We strive to do more to educate, advocate, and consult than any other benefits administrator. Our comprehensive learning resources create confidence by helping your employees understand the value of their benefits. As a result, your company gets greater return on its benefit investment.


Comprehensive Access and Unmatched Support

With a WageWorks Dependent Care FSA, your employees get outstanding customer support on weekdays and 360-degree visibility into their FSA, 365 days a year. With access to real-time account balances and activity, your employees have the confidence to continue to re-enroll year after year. And you have access to real-time WageWorks account information via a dedicated web site and/or via your IVR.

Go Mobile

Go Mobile

Check Balances, Snap Photos of Receipts, and Submit Claims from Your Mobile Device


Go _mobileUsing WageWorks on the go is easy with several mobile options.
Check out our mobile support for your employees.