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Health Reimbursement Arrangement

{Help Your Employees Save with
Employer-Funded Health Accounts}

Wageworks HRA – Health Reimbursement Arrangement

Transition to consumer-driven healthcare by giving employees and their families a simple way to save for, manage, and spend employer-provided healthcare funds. 

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

It’s Easy to Use, Easy to Save


A WageWorks Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) helps your company transition to a consumer-driven approach by giving employees and their families a simple way to save, manage, and spend employer-provided healthcare funds.

With an HRA, your company determines and sets aside a certain amount of pre-tax dollars in an account to pay for hundreds of eligible healthcare expenses.


WageWorks HRA: The WageWorks Advantage

Flexible, Customizable Design Increases Enrollment

A WageWorks HRA works with any plan. It works with any high deductible health plan, with or without any other healthcare accounts that your company may offer. HRAs are funded by the employer, and FSAs are funded by the employee, employer, or both. Your company has the choice of which account pays first and which automatic health plan claims roll over in the HRA. Both the employer and employee choose the automatic health plan claims that roll over in the FSA.


Ease of Use Promotes Enrollment

HRAs and FSAs are integrated automatically to allow employee contributions while providing a single, elegant user experience.

For your employees, using a WageWorks HRA is as easy. They simply access HRA funds with a WageWorks® Healthcare Card; via direct, online payments; or via several easy reimbursement options. They can keep tabs on balances, check a claim status on line, and even scan and submit healthcare receipts right from their mobile devices

Educate Your Employees About HRA

Educate Your Employees About HRA

Tools For Your Employees


Our website provides helpful information to teach employees about the benefits of a HRA. Employees will have access to key details that will help them determine if an HRA is right for them. 



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