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Health Nest Egg

Health Savings Account

{Help Your Employees Save on
Medical Expenses for Today,
Tomorrow, or Retirement}

WageWorks HSA

If you offer employees a high-deductible health plan, an HSA is a great way for them to save money on 
healthcare expenses this year, before their insurance kicks in, as well as for their retirement.

Educate Your Employees About HSAs

Tools For Your Employees


Our website provides helpful information to teach employees about the benefits of an HSA.

Employees will have access to key details that will help them determine if an HSA is right for them.  




Savings Calculator

How Does It Work?

Easy to Use, Easy to Save


Employer EverydayA WageWorks Health Savings Account (HSA) is a great way to help your employees save money for current and future healthcare expenses. It’s like a 401(k) for healthcare.

This simple and efficient tax-advantaged spending account brings together competitive interest rates, low fees, investment options, and a convenient, fully integrated, prepaid debit card for healthcare purchases.

With an HSA, your employees can set aside pre-tax money for eligible healthcare expenses and earn interest on and invest the money in the account. Funds are moved to an HSA before taxes are deducted, which reduces their overall tax burden.

HSAs save your company money.

Employees who have HSAs are typically more cost-conscious consumers who have lower healthcare costs, which can mean lower healthcare premiums for your company. And employee contributions to HSAs help reduce payroll taxes.

WageWorks HSA: The WageWorks Advantage

Ease of Use Means Greater Enrollment

Your company can drive up enrollment by providing an HSA that’s easy for employees to understand, access, and use. WageWorks make it quick and easy for your employees to pay for eligible healthcare expenses. All these payment and reimbursement features are synchronized to deliver accurate, real-time account information:

  • WageWorks® Healthcare Card. Employees can use a prepaid card when they make healthcare-related purchases. It’s just like a debit card–just swipe and go.
  • EZ Receipts® Mobile App. Employee can use this mobile application to snap a photo of receipts and instantly submit them for payment and check an HSA balance—right from a mobile device.
  • Pay My Provider. Employees can access their HSA online and fill out a simple form to pay healthcare providers–no receipts or claims forms required.
  • Pay Me Back. Employees can arrange for HSA funds to be deposited directly to a checking account or a check to be mailed to reimburse them for expenses they’ve already paid.


Fully Integrated Comprehensive Solution

A WageWorks HSA is a completely integrated spending account solution on a single platform. Your benefits department and employees have a comprehensive, 360-degree view of HSA account activity, investment growth, and vision-and dental-FSA.


Lower Administrative Costs

Employees self-administer their own account and WageWorks manages all the data. With integrated debit cards and convenient account management tools such as electronic bill pay and cash reimbursement, WageWorks HSA is sure to satisfy both participants and benefits professionals.


Maximum Flexibility and Choice

HSAs works best when your employees have a variety of investment options from which to choose. A WageWorks HSA offers multiple and flexible investment options and partners. A WageWorks HSA is built on a state-of-the-art technology platform that provides a variety of options, starting at the top with plan design, on down to how individual participants pay and are reimbursed for eligible expenses. 

Go Mobile

Check Balances, Snap Photos of Receipts, and Submit Claims from Your Mobile Device


Manage Your WageWorks Account Any Time, Anywhere

Go _mobile

  • Snap and submit photos of your receipt each time you use your card to make it easy to verify card transactions later
  • File claims, view transactions, and check account balances on the go
  • Sign up for email and text alerts for the ultimate mobile convenience




Download the Free App

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