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Open Enrollment

When Everyone

Open Enrollment Kit

This kit contains the resources available to help you make Open Enrollment a huge success. Follow the comprehensive campaign guide to plan, design, and execute an Open Enrollment campaign that engages your employees and motivates them to sign up for your benefits programs. Once you’ve developed your own campaign, the Media Gallery and Media Store have communications assets ready for you to share with your employees. Don’t wait—get started on Open Enrollment planning now.

Benefits Overview

Benefits Overview

Save Pre-Tax Dollars

Benefits Overview
You know your clients best. As you prepare for Open Enrollment, get familiar with the consumer-directed benefits WageWorks manages. The more you know, the more you can communicate their value to your employees.

Educating Your Employees

Educating Your Employees

Making the Benefits Easier to Understand


Educating and Engaging your Employees

Supporting your employees is a 365 days-a-year effort. Providing the information your employees need to effectively use their benefits increases their satisfaction and often enhances their commitment to your company. It is a win-win.

To help you educate your employees, we take key steps to ensure both you and your employees have the information you need to be successful. We also continue to develop supporting tools to guide you through this effort.


Engage Your Employees

Help your employees know where to find the information they need to get the most out of their WageWorks® accounts.

The Employee section of our website provides benefit information, frequently asked questions and other support resources, such as videos and tutorials, to help your employees learn about their Consumer-Directed Benefits. Encouraging them to explore this online resource and share it with family members will help them take advantage of the savings and convenience of their WageWorks accounts.


Stay Top of Mind

We will work with your company to ensure your employees receive news and updates when they need it most. Whether it is via email, or text, or directly available within their accounts, we have the tools in place to reach your employees.


Customer Support

We know these benefits can be confusing and some employees may need additional help.

To make sure your employees have the support they need, we have developed the Employee Support Center to provide online access to frequently asked questions, forms and more. If your employee is unable to find the answer they need online, they can use Twitter or Facebook to get answers to their questions around the clock. If they would rather speak to someone, we have an outstanding team of customer service representatives that can help your employees get the answers they need.

Confirmation Forms

Confirmation Forms

Submit to Start


Open Enrollment Confirmation Forms

Help WageWorks help you execute a successful Open Enrollment campaign. These Open Enrollment Confirmation Forms capture critical account administration information that helps WageWorks prepare for and properly service your program in the upcoming plan year. These forms identify such important plan administration details:

  • Key points of contact
  • Plan setup preferences
  • Plan features and options
  • Account funding details
  • Plan offer details, such as Open Enrollment start and end dates, preferred enrollment methods and messages, communications preferences

The data in these forms is used to customize your WageWorks Employer and Employee Portals. It serves as an important point of reference for your WageWorks Relationship Manager and our Customer Service teams. 

Open Enrollment Confirmation Form for FSA Plans

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Open Enrollment Confirmation Form for HRA Plans

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Open Enrollment Confirmation Form for Estimating Client Copays

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