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Working Together

Employers Love

{Easy Benefits Management,
Greater Enrollment, More Savings}

Why Employers Love WageWorks® 

WageWorks makes it easy for employers to administer and manage benefits. We help you communicate to employees the advantages of using benefits and enroll more participants. With WageWorks, employers can double plan participation and contribution rates by the third year and enjoy a greater return on their investments in benefits programs.

Innovative Technology Platform

Innovative Technology Platform

One Platform, All the Benefits


Employer _platform

State-of-the-Art Technology Platform

All WageWorks Consumer-Directed Benefits are built on a single, intelligent platform that simplifies benefits and makes them easy to manage. This flexible platform supports all available health plans and delivers a complete and completely accurate view of all benefit accounts. It’s like a benefits central command – you get a complete and completely accurate view of your entire benefits program. 

The state-of-the-art WageWorks technology platform was designed expressly for benefits administrators. It’s easy to navigate and use. But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This platform packs power. 

  • Complete, accurate, and real-time views of all employees’ benefit accounts
  • Actionable dashboards and reporting capabilities to track enrollment and view participant activities
  • Intuitive web-based experiences for employers and employees

Powerful Employer Features

  • Dynamic reporting for real-time tracking and analysis of important program details
  • Program sponsor file for creating and tailoring each plan to your specific requirements
  • Plan rules page, where you can you view the rules that power your program, or customize the settings
  • Communications Gateway, where you can set up and manage participant communications
  • Editing interface that allows you to customize the look and feel of your employee pages quickly and easily

Easy-to-Use Employee Features

WageWorks strives to make it as easy as possible for employees to use their benefits. Using a single account login on one website, employees can access and manage all their benefit accounts. An intuitive user interface helps employees know exactly where they stand - and exactly how to save. 

  • View accounts and transactions in real time
  • Monitor investment growth
  • Make payments to providers and print payment coupons
  • Get reimbursed for payments already made
  • Buy commuter passes
  • Load funds onto payment cards

The WageWorks platform empowers your employees to access funds in their benefits account – whenever they want, however they want.

Go Mobile

With the WageWorks EZ Receipts® mobile application, employees can check balances, snap photos of receipts, and submit receipts and claims – right from their smartphone or tablet.


Go Online

The WageWorks employer web portal gives employees a single point of access for all account information and allows them to view transactions, make payments, and submit claims.


Swipe and Go

WageWorks makes it easy for employees to pay for healthcare and commuting expenses with preloaded debit cards – just swipe and go. We manage our own healthcare card and commuter card operations. This gives us direct control over the user experience and more flexibility to respond to employer needs.

Outstanding Client Service

Client Service

Expertise When You Need It


Outstanding Client Service
From implementation and enrollment to account recordkeeping and claims processing, WageWorks delivers superior service to our clients.

Dedicated Account Management

A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to you to guide and advise you through every stage in your WageWorks experience. Your account manager is responsible for:

  • Performing periodic reviews and client satisfaction surveys
  • Delivering timely communications to drive enrollment and participation
  • Providing quantitative and qualitative insights into your program performance

Client Services Hotline

WageWorks is here to answer your account questions. We provide you with a toll-free client services hotline so help is always just a phone call away. 

Dynamic Communications Support

Dynamic Communications Support

Engagement Begins with Expert Communications


Dynamic Communications Support

Benefits programs can be hard to understand. Employees can be intimidated by the complexity. They don’t have time to read the fine print or navigate a new process, so they opt out. They lose out on savings, and your company loses out on savings.

WageWorks provides the dynamic communications support that creates informed participants. Informed participants are engaged participants. They’re more likely to fund their accounts fully, take maximum advantage of each plan, and become advocates for your company’s benefit programs. As a result, your company may get greater return on its benefits investment. 

Comprehensive Learning Resources
WageWorks does more to educate, advocate, and consult than any other benefits administrator. We help you communicate important benefits information to employees. We simplify the message, the process, and the tools, making it easy for you to help your employees learn about their benefits and determine how best to use them to save the most money.


Customized Communications
WageWorks can customize employee communications, tailoring collateral to your specific plan requirements and printed, mailed, emailed, or posted to your company intranet. You can even request materials that include your organization's logo (at an additional cost). You download, print, and track collateral orders quickly and efficiently using the Communications Gateway.

Communications Gateway
The Communications Gateway, accessible via the WageWorks platform, has hundreds of individual communications about a range of topics, both pre- and post-enrollment, as well as important and time-sensitive plan and regulatory information that your participants need to know.


Compliance Expertise

Compliance Expertise


Compliance Expertise

WageWorks is an industry leader in Consumer-Directed Benefits. We are actively engaged in shaping the benefits arena nationally. Industry leadership is among the reasons why 55% of Fortune 500 companies and 68% of Fortune 100 companies depend on WageWorks as their trusted benefits administrator.

We are experts in IRS Regulations, the latest Department of Treasury guidance, and benefits program eligibility requirements so that you don’t have to be. Our services are kept up-to-date for your employees, even when rules and regulations change. You can rest easy knowing that your benefits programs are in full compliance with the law.

Track & See Results

Track & See Results

The Visibility You Need


3 Devices 03The WageWorks Employer portal empowers our client employers. 

The portal’s Dashboard tab shows a graphic display of program participation and provides insight into the overall program performance. The portal also offers a complete suite of enrollment and activity reports that allow you to track enrollment and plan usage so that you can make better strategic decisions about benefits programs and communicate the value of your benefits.