Enroll in your employers’ EZPOP (Premium Only Plan) Today

Premium Only Plan (POP)

What is a Premium Only Plan (POP)? An EZPOP (Premium Only Plan) is an IRS-approved way for you to pay fewer tax dollars. If you pay all or some of the premiums for your company-sponsored insurance plans, then a Premium Only Plan is for you. That’s because a Premium Only Plan allows you to pay for your share of those premiums with before-tax dollars.

In other words, the money used to pay for those premiums is never taxed. Just think what that means. If you are paying premiums for health insurance, dental or vision care, or group-term life insurance (under $50,000), every one of those dollars will escape taxation (federal income, Social Security, and possibly state and local income taxes) as long as you’re enrolled in your company’s Premium Only Plan. Learn more.