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Tuition Reimbursement Program

The GM Salaried Tuition Assistance Program (STAP) provides funding assistance to U.S. salaried employees to reach their educational goals.  GM encourages salaried employees to become more effective in their respective work assignments by completing job-related degree programs offered through regionally accredited learning institutions. STAP provides tuition assistance to salaried employees on a reimbursement basis for the successful completion of approved, job-related course work intended to benefit both the employee and GM. 

For assistance regarding the GM Salaried Tuition Assistance Program (STAP), contact Edcor’s customer service at 1-844-222-3181, or log into https://GM.tap.edcor.com

The WageWorks® Tuition Reimbursement Program helps you and your family reach your education goals. This employer-sponsored program reimburses you for tuition and other fees paid to schools, residencies, and other educational institutions.

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Make Education More Affordable with Help from Your Employer

Get tuition assistance for a wide range of educational coursework, training programs, and degree programsWhy enroll in the WageWorks Tuition Reimbursement Program?

  • Save money while reaching your educational goals
  • No waiting—sign up any time to start saving

“My employer is helping me complete my college degree! I pay for this semester’s tuition and take my classes, as I normally would. At the end of the semester, I log into my account and file a claim with a copy of my report card, and my I get reimbursed for my tuition expenses. It couldn’t be easier!”

- A happy WageWorks Tuition Reimbursement Program participant

How the Program Works

The Tuition Reimbursement Program is simple. You just pay tuition and related fees as you would normally. In most cases, you then simply file a claim with documentation that confirms course participation and grade, and you’re reimbursed for eligible tuition expenses.

Depending on your employer’s plan, there are several ways to get reimbursed for eligible expenses:

  • You may be reimbursed through automatic payroll payments; or
  • You may receive an expense check; or
  • Your school or program may be paid directly by your employer.

While your employer may not require them for reimbursement, it’s always a good idea to keep receipts for any eligible out-of-pocket expenses you pay.

Enrolling in the Program

You can sign up for the Tuition Reimbursement Program any time—there’s no need to wait for the next Open Enrollment period. Contact the person or organization managing your benefits enrollment to start today.

Annual Reimbursement Limits

Your employer determines your annual tuition reimbursement limit. Ask the person or organization managing your benefits enrollment for the amount you’re eligible to receive under your specific program.

Eligible Expenses

Your employer determines which expenses are eligible for reimbursement. Typical eligible expenses include:

  • Professional association memberships
  • Professional certifications
  • Professional conferences
  • Professional training programs
  • Specialized technical coursework
  • Undergraduate and graduate college degrees

Ask the person or organization managing your benefits enrollment which expenses are eligible for reimbursement under your specific program.