A WageWorks HSA-Compatible FSA with Grace Period Is the Easy Answer to Savings

If you’re enrolled in a qualified high-deductible health plan and have a Health Savings Account (HSA), you can maximize your savings with a WageWorks® HSA-Compatible Flexible Spending Account (FSA). This pre-tax benefit account gives you the long-term savings power of an HSA and lets you use a Healthcare FSA specifically for this year’s eligible out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses. With this particular type of HSA-Compatible FSA, you have a grace period of up to 2½ months after your plan year ends during which you can spend down money left in your account.


“I get the best of both worlds with my WageWorks HSA-Compatible FSA. I save on this year’s dental and vision expenses, and I save for my future healthcare expenses with my HSA. And I use one convenient payment card for both accounts. Saving money has never been easier!”

- A happy WageWorks HSA-Compatible FSA participant


Why You Need It

  • Maximize your tax-savings with both an HSA and a Healthcare FSA
  • Save an average of 30% on this year’s eligible out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses while saving for future healthcare expenses
  • Use a single smart payment card to access funds in both accounts