Save Big with a WageWorks Healthcare FSA

If you make $30,000 a year and make the maximum contribution to your Healthcare FSA, you could take home $780 more in one year. Here’s what your tax savings looks like:


Your Estimated Tax Savings
Without Healthcare FSA With Healthcare FSA
Gross annual pay (estimate) $30,000 Gross annual pay (estimate) $30,000
Estimated tax rate (30%) -$9,000 Max. annual Healtcare FSA contribution -2,600
Net annual pay =$21,000 Adjusted gross pay =$27,400
Estimated annual healthcare expenses -$2,600 Estimated tax rate (30%) -$8,220
Final take-home pay =$18,400 Final take-home pay =$19,180
Take home this much more with a Healthcare Account $780

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