Dependent Care FSA

Eligible Expenses

{Know what expenses are covered under
your Dependent Care FSA}

Dependent Care FSA Eligible Expenses

You can use your WageWorks® Dependent Care FSA to pay for a variety of child and elder care services.

The IRS determines which expenses are eligible for reimbursement. While this list identifies the eligibility of some of the most common dependent care expenses, it’s not meant to be comprehensive. Please check with your tax professional if you have questions about whether a particular expense is eligible for reimbursement under this program.

Keep Your Receipts

A good rule of thumb is to keep receipts and other supporting documentation related to your expenses and reimbursement requests. The IRS requires appropriate documentation for all Dependent Care FSA reimbursements. Reimbursement requests must include an itemized statement from the dependent care provider that includes: service dates, dependent's name, type of service amount billed, and provider's name and address. Credit card receipts, canceled checks and balance forward statements do not meet the requirements for acceptable documentation.