The S&P Global Fitness Reimbursement Program

Have a gym membership? Take fitness classes? Work with a personal trainer? The S&P Global Fitness Reimbursement Program can help you save money on the healthy lifestyle choices you make by reimbursing you for many common health and fitness services and activities.1


Get Reimbursed for Popular Health and Fitness Services and Activities

• Gym, fitness studio and health club memberships

• Fitness classes and sports lessons

• Personal trainer sessions

• Yoga and Pilates classes

• Martial arts instruction

• Weight loss program fess

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Program Benefits

Get reimbursed 40% up to $500 annually for completed eligible activities by simply paying for your fitness expenses as you would normally and then filing a claim. 2


Start Saving Today


1 Your participation in the S&P Global Fitness Reimbursement program is completely voluntary. Always seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider before starting any type of new health-related or physical activity program.

2 In accordance with IRS guidelines, any reimbursement under this program is considered taxable earnings and will be added to your gross taxable wages.