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We Focus on You

TransitChek specializes in transit and parking commuter benefits, bringing you innovative programs and services that can be tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

Our commuter benefits programs are easy to use and easy to manage, saving you valuable time.

Employees use pre-tax deductions to pay for their commute, reducing their taxable income. The more pre-tax deductions that are made, the more employers decrease their payroll taxes.

Organizations want partners who not only understand their needs, but also bring significant and definable relationship value. Our committed participation experts will work with you to drive enrollment and to help both you and your employees receive the maximum financial benefit possible.

Whether you're a small-to-medium size company or a large company with offices nationwide, we have a flexible program that's right for you.

  • Unique, Flexible Products

    Our flexible products will fit your needs, whether you have a dozen offices nationwide or a dozen people in one office.

  • Amplify Your Savings

    The more your employees participate in TransitChek's transit and parking benefits, the more you both may save.

  • Committed to Enrollment

    Our participation experts are your committed partners to help maximize your enrollment – and therefore your savings.

  • Keeping it Easy

    Our products are fast and easy to use and manage. And our dedicated customer service team loves to lend a hand.

Watch Your Savings Add Up

Input your numbers into our savings calculator to estimate the savings your company can get with TransitChek benefits.

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Monthly Employee
Transit Benefit
(max. $270)

Employees Using
Transit Benefit

Monthly Employee
Parking Benefits
(max. $270)

Employees Using
Parking Benefits

Calculations assume annual earnings of each participating employee is below the Social Security Wage Base of $128,400. Savings are for illustrative purposes only and assume all participants elect transit and parking benefits.
Calculate Your Savings
Estimated Employer Gross Savings
Monthly Annually
Per Participant All Participants Per Participant All Participants
Total Savings

Employer Recommendation Wizard

From small offices to large enterprises, TransitChek provides a commuter benefit program that's right for you.

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Experts at Your Service

Think of us as a savings GPS. We're your committed partner to help navigate your way to maximum savings.  We assist in getting your employees informed, enrolled and enjoying their benefits. Find out how TransitChek is your participation expert.

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