How the Program Works

The WageWorks® Health & Wellness Program helps you investigate your health risks, get support and information, and track progress against your health goals over time. You first complete a health risk assessment and get a customized health management plan. Your individual plan is based on a powerful interactive health risk assessment that was developed by a team of medical and bio-statistical experts. You also get feedback on your particular symptoms and triggers, as well as personalized treatment and prevention information.


Get Personalized Health & Wellness Information

The WageWorks Health & Wellness Program is completely web-based and secure. Simply log in to your account from any computer or mobile device that’s connected to the Internet. Your account provides:

  • Comprehensive, personalized health evaluation that assesses risks across 17 conditions
  • Customized health management plan
  • Educational health and wellness articles
  • Fitness videos and tutorials
  • Nutritional information and menu plans
  • Online health journal
  • Progress tracking against health goals
  • Rewards for meeting health goals


No Cost to You

This employer-sponsored program is available to you at no cost. It’s one of the ways your employer helps you take care of your health.