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Tucson Area

Sun Tran Card

made easy}

General Information

SunGO utilizes Smart Card technology to provide a convenient way to pay and transfer throughout the region with ease on Sun Tran, Sun Express, Sun Shuttle and the Sun Link streetcar.


A Smart Card resembles a credit card in size and shape, but inside has a computer chip instead of a magnetic stripe. For transit, the smart card will serve as the fare payment card and can store cash value or passes for passenger convenience and boarding ease. Just hold the card to the farebox or reader validator on board and go!


To protect the cash value and/or passes loaded on your SunGO Card, we recommend opening an online account and registering your card. That way, if your card is reported lost or stolen, Sun Tran can replace the cash value or days remaining.


A SunGO Card may last up to four years. How long a card lasts depends on how well it taken care of. Washing, bending or cutting the card or ticket will damage the internal chip, making them inoperable. Once inoperable, a new card would need to be purchased.


SunGO Cards have a built-in chip that allows you to have one active pass, up to two passes in the queue, and additional cash value on a card at one time. Passes will be used in the order they are purchased.


If your SunGo card is lost, stolen or defective, please visit the WageWorks participant site to request a replacement.