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Using Transit Pass Benefits

Part 1: Get a SmarTrip® Card

You first need to get a SmarTrip® card. You can get a SmarTrip® card several ways. The card can be purchased directly from the WageWorks website at a cost of $2.00.  You may also secure a card at an authorized outlet.  To see a list of outlets, please go here

  • Option 1: You can log into your account at WageWorks. Select “Enroll in Commuter” under the Dashboard menu and then select “Commuter Transit." Finally select “SmarTrip®” as the service provider. You may order a SmarTrip® card by selecting “New SmarTrip® Card” and completing the order.
  • Option 2: Go to to find an authorized outlet to purchase a SmarTrip® card. 
  • Option 3: Go to to order a card online.

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Registration Information

Please note it’s important that you create an account to register your card with SmarTrip®. To register your SmarTrip® card, please visit If you secured your card online from WMATA, your card is already registered.

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Part 2: Fund Your SmarTrip® Card

Step 1: Log onto your account on

Step 2: Click on the "Commuter" link. Next, select "Enroll in Commuter" and then "Commuter Transit." Finally select "SmarTrip®" as the service provider.


Step 3: Select the SmarTrip® product you need. Please be sure to accurately enter your SmarTrip® card serial number. It’s the 9, 16, or 20 digit number on the back of the card.

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Step 4: Complete your order.

Timing - Your WageWorks Transit Pass Benefit will be loaded to your card by the 1st of the benefit month. Once the funds have been loaded to your card, you will be able to add a Transit Pass to your card clicking here.

Adding Passes on your SmarTrip® card

Step 1: – Log in to your SmarTrip® account and select your card

Step 2: – On the View Card Summary page, select Add Pass/Set Up Auto Reload

Step 3: – Choose which pass you would like to add to your card. You can choose to add the pass or Add & Set Up Auto Reload.

Step 4: – Select Shopping Cart

Step 5: – Select Check Out and Enter your Credit Card Information, Billing Name and Address. The payment will automatically pull from any Transit Pass Benefits you have loaded to your card. You must provide a valid credit card, as a secondary payment method for Auto Reload, even if you intend to pay for the pass purchases using Transit Pass Benefits. Your credit card will be charged if your Transit Pass Benefits are not available.