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Commuter Benefit Accounts

Employee Benefits

Bicycle Reimbursement Program

Do you bike to work? The WageWorks® Bicycle Reimbursement Program can help you save money while supporting your healthy, environmentally-friendly commute to work. Even if you ride your bicycle to work only a few days a week, this program is a great way to put extra money in your pocket each month.

Bike to Work for Less

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Why enroll in the WageWorks Bicycle Reimbursement Program?

  • Get reimbursed for a wide range of bicycle-related commuting expenses
  • Save money, save the environment, and stay healthy by biking to work
  • No waiting—sign up any time to start saving

“My employer helps me enjoy the fun and freedom of biking to work. I ride my bike to work a few days a week, I submit my receipts for my bike storage locker and any repairs I have, and I get reimbursed for my expenses. It couldn’t be easier!”

- A happy WageWorks Bicycle Reimbursement Program participant

Bicycle Reimbursement Program 101

Savings with Your Bicycle Reimbursement Program

Savings are simple with your Bicycle Reimbursement Program. Just ride your bike to work and pay for bike-related expenses as you would normally. Submit your receipts, and you’re reimbursed for up to $20 of eligible expenses per month by your employer.

Keep in mind that the Bicycle Reimbursement Program cannot be combined with a WageWorks Commuter Parking Account, Commuter Transit Account, or Commuter Vanpool Account

Eligible Expenses Under the Bicycle Reimbursement Program

Eligible expenses include:

  • Bicycle improvements, such as handlebars, pedals, seats, tires, and other equipment that is permanently attached to the bicycle
  • Bicycle repairs
  • Bicycle purchase
  • Bicycle storage
  • Bicycle helmets

Be sure to save your receipts for any eligible out-of-pocket expenses you pay. Questions about getting reimbursed? Check out the FAQs in the Employee Support Center

Annual Reimbursement Limits of the Bicycle Reimbursement Program

You can submit expenses for up to $20 per qualified bicycle month. A qualified bicycle month includes a month in which:

  • You did not receive any other commuter benefit (such as transit, vanpool or parking); and
  • You regularly used your bicycle for a substantial portion of travel between your residence and place of employment during that month.

Enrolling in the Bicycle Reimbursement Program

You can enroll in the Bicycle Reimbursement Program at any time—there’s no need to wait for the next Open Enrollment period.

If you have questions about enrolling in the Bicycle Reimbursement Program, contact the person or organization managing your benefits enrollment.

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