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Support & FAQ


  • What is the deadline for submitting a reimbursement request?

    Try to make it a habit to submit your reimbursement request on a regular basis, like right after the expense occurred, or once a month. Once your plan year is over (for most, that is the end of the calendar year, but check with your employer to be sure), you may still be able to request reimbursement for a certain time, called "run-out." Requests for reimbursements need to be filed before the end of the run-out period for your plan or during the grace period, if applicable.

    You need to incur all expenses prior to the end of the plan year. If your employer offers you a grace period, you have an additional 2½ months after the end of the plan year to incur expenses. If your employer offers you the Carryover option, you may carry over up to $500 in your account to the next plan year.

    We recommend you log into your WageWorks to check your plan year end date. Check the Dashboard tab to see both the “Use It By” date as well as the “Claim It By” date for each of your benefit accounts.

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