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Support & FAQ


  • What kind of expenses are not covered by my Commuter Parking Account?

    Your Commuter Parking Account does not cover these expenses:

    • Fuel, mileage, or other expense costs you incur in operating or maintaining a vehicle
    • Payments to a fellow carpool participant or to a friend who drives you to work
    • Parking at your personal residence
    • Parking at your spouse's place of work
    • Parking at a mall or similar location where you stop on your drive to or from your place of work
    • Parking expenses that have been or will be paid by your employer, such as for a business trip
    • Parking at an airport for taking an airplane to work
    • Taxis
    • Tolls
    • Traffic tickets

    Please keep in mind that the IRS determines which expenses are eligible for reimbursement—not WageWorks. Looking for a particular type of expense? Please check the list of eligible expenses or log into your WageWorks account for a comprehensive list of eligible expenses under your Commuter Parking Account.

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