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Support & FAQ


  • What kinds of expenses are not covered by my Commuter Transit Account?

    You may use your WageWorks Commuter Transit Account to pay for commuting to and from work using public transportation. You may not use your account to pay for:

    • Fuel, mileage, or other costs you incur in operating a vehicle
    • Payments to a fellow participant in a carpool or to a friend who drives you to work.
    • Taxis
    • Tolls
    • Traffic tickets

    If you have a WageWorks Commuter Parking Account, you use this account to pay for parking at your workplace. You may not use this account for:

    • Parking at your personal residence
    • Parking at your spouse's place of work
    • Parking at a mall or similar location where you stop on your drive to or from your place of work
    • Parking at an airport for taking an airplane to work
    • Costs that have been or will be paid by your employer, such as for a business trip

    Please keep in mind that these rules are set by the IRS—not WageWorks.

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