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Support & FAQ


  • My spouse has a health insurance policy through his/her employer. Am I eligible to participate in an HSA?

    It depends. If your spouse has an individual health insurance policy with no other insurance, and you are enrolled in a high-deductible health plan, then yes, you are eligible to participate in an HSA.

    But if your spouse participates in a Healthcare FSA or HRA, and those benefits cover your healthcare expenses too, then no, you are not eligible to participate an HSA. Why? Even though you are not covered by your spouse’s health insurance, the IRS considers your spouse’s Healthcare FSA or HRA to be “other insurance.”

    An exception would be if your spouse has an HSA-Compatible FSAs or what’s sometimes referred to as a “limited-purpose” HRA that covers vision and dental care expenses only. If your spouse participates in either an HSA-Compatible FSA or a limited-purpose HRA, then yes, you may participate in an HSA.

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