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Support & FAQ

Integrated HRA

  • What is the difference between an Integrated HRA plan and a non-Integrated or stand-alone HRA?
    An Integrated HRA is the more common type of HRA. This type of HRA is linked with the Affordable Care Act (ACA)-compliant employer sponsored group health insurance plan. The Integrated HRA is offered only to company employees who elect group health insurance as a supplement to help with their out of pocket healthcare costs.

    A stand-alone HRA is not linked to a group health insurance plan. With this type of HRA, the company provides employees a fixed monthly allowance for eligible medical expenses. Employees purchase and pay for their own individual health insurance premiums. Beginning in 2014, stand-alone HRAs are limited to reimbursement of benefits for active employees, unless it was funded prior to 2014 with no new funds added since. In most cases, a stand-alone HRA is only offered to retirees.
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