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Support & FAQ

Healthcare Card

  • What happens if I use my WageWorks® Healthcare Card at a store that does not have the IRS-approved inventory and checkout system in place?

    If you use your WageWorks® Healthcare Card to pay for an eligible expense at a merchant without an IRS-approved system, your card may be declined. If your card is declined, simply use another method to pay for your purchase and then submit a Pay Me Back claim, along with your itemized receipt, to be reimbursed.

    You can submit your receipt via fax or email, or simply take a picture of it and send it to us with the EZ Receipts app on your Apple or Android phone.

    If your card is accepted, you still may need to verify your card transaction by submitting a copy of your itemized receipt. If this is the case, you will receive a notice from WageWorks asking for verification.

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