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Support & FAQ


  • What is Card Use Verification (or CUV)?

    CUV stands for Card Use Verification. It's a request for an itemized receipt to verify that a card transaction is eligible.

    IRS rules dictate that all card transactions must be verified for eligible expenses. When card transactions can’t be verified automatically, you will receive a CUV, and you’ll need to submit an itemized receipt to verify the transaction. We know it’s a pain, but it's necessary to help you and your employer comply with IRS regulations.

    WageWorks will notify you if the transaction cannot be automatically verified and provide you with instructions for next steps. You have 90 days from the transaction date to verify your transaction. After 90 days, your WageWorks® Healthcare Card will be suspended.

    Here’s a quick and easy way to keep your card from being suspended. Use the WageWorks EZ Receipts mobile app to snap and save photos of receipts. You can submit them right away or store them for future use. That way, if you receive a CUV, you have digital copies of your receipts at your fingertips.

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