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Compliance Briefing Center


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to Manage Benefits}

COBRA documents and updates

WageWorks®  is pleased to provide you with two new COBRA guides, designed to facilitate your use of our new COBRA Web site and to comprehensively explain the WageWorks COBRA administrative service package.

The WageWorks COBRA Web Site User Guide provides an overview of both the employer and participant Web sites and details all the applications and reporting opportunities now available, including:

  • Client Web Access
    • SSO (single sign on) from the WW Employer Site (employer.wageworks.com)
    • Data Management Capabilities
    • Participant Search
    • Reporting 
  • COBRA Enrolled Participant Web Access
    • First-Time User Registration Using Industry Standard Encryption, Security and Password Requirements (employee.wageworks.com)
      • Accessibility to Important Information Including: 
      • Participant demographics
      • COBRA benefit plans and coverage levels
      • Covered dependents (if applicable)
      • Premium payment amount due and payment due date
      • Payment history
    • Real-time Ability to Print Payment Coupons

The WageWorks COBRA Administration Guide explains everything that WageWorks provides for our COBRA clients in addition to reviewing employer regulatory obligations and other COBRA fine points, including:

  • Introduction to COBRA
    • What is COBRA? / What is ARRA?
  • Implementation Process & On-Going Administration
    • Banking Arrangements, Electronic Tasks, etc.
    • Department of Labor Notices
    • Qualifying Event Process
    • Monthly Reports and Payment Remittance
    • Annual or Open Enrollment
  • Qualified Beneficiary Communications
    • Qualifying Event Package
    • General Letters List
  • Summary of COBRA Responsibilities
  • COBRA Qualifying Events Coverage Periods
  • COBRA Notice Requirements

Both COBRA Guides will soon be available on the resources tab when you log in at employer.wageworks.com.