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Commuter-Debit Card Only (SAMS)

I. Client’s Responsibilities

You are the administrator of the transit and/or parking plan(s) (each a “Plan”).  As such, only you have the power to waive, alter, breach or modify any of the terms and conditions of the Plan, and you exercise all discretion, control or authority with respect to the disposition of the available benefits. As such, you shall:

  1. Determine which individuals are eligible to participate and provide us with accurate and complete initial enrollment, eligibility, and deposit data in the prescribed electronic data file format. 
  2. Provide accurate and timely changes to participant enrollment and eligibility data, including, but not limited to, information that modifies a participant’s eligibility, status or election under the Plan in the prescribed electronic data file format.
  3. Provide correct and accurate delivery addresses used in the fulfillment of the Spending Account Card, including any modifications thereto, if you have assumed sole responsibility for control of addresses for your participants (note that no delivery address information or modifications thereto will be accepted directly from participants).
  4. Require that interested employees complete their commuter elections prior to your election deadline in the relevant election system.
  5. Execute a Funding Agreement and provide all funding required to cover all payments made under the Plan.  We shall not be obligated to issue any payments in the absence of an executed Funding Agreement. 
  6. Timely pay all service fees and invoices.

II. WageWorks’ Responsibilities 

We have been engaged by you to provide certain administrative services in connection with your Plan.  Accordingly, you have authorized us to use our standard procedures for the provision of these services that have been designed to ensure that the administration of your Plan is in compliance with IRS Code §132(f) and all other applicable regulations.  We shall provide our services in accordance with the framework of policies, interpretations, rules, practices and procedures as set forth in the Plan documents, and as otherwise mutually agreed upon or as directed by you.  We shall:

  1. Provide you with a set of electronic file specifications for the delivery of data to us.
  2. Process data files received from your Plan and/or payroll data processor in the format and method specified by us.
  3. Process initial and ongoing enrollment, eligibility, and deposit data files submitted by you in the prescribed electronic data file.
  4. Process enrollment and deposit data received through proper methods (e.g., our website).
  5. Administer all notational deposits provided by you pursuant to the terms of the Funding Agreement. Funding is not held by us, but is requested once claims have been paid.
  6. Provide participants with a Spending Account Card that may be used at qualified Transit and/or Parking providers.  The Card will be shipped to the addresses provided by you or your participants.
    • Qualified Transit merchants must only sell qualified Transit media.  
    • The qualification is down to the actual machines/website where the card is used.  Transit Authorities can add, remove, and replace terminals at any time and these changes are not always communicated.  This can lead to locations that were once working to no longer be on the qualified list.
    • There is no guarantee that a Transit Authority or individual location can or will be added as qualified.
    • WMATA (DC) – The Spending Account Card cannot be used at this Transit Provider due to restrictions per IRS Rev. Ruling 2014-32 Section 7.
    • Qualified Parking merchants must be using the correct Merchant Category Code that is registered with Visa/Mastercard.  (MCC 7523).
  7. Paper/Online claims for parking accounts are available through the website.  Transit paper/online claims are not allowed per IRS Rev. Ruling 2014-32.  The Spending Account Card is the only option for Transit.
  8. Provide you with access to our website where you may:
    • View and download standard reports (e.g., summary of expenditures claimed by participants, the total number of participants in the Plan, the total amount of benefits paid or reimbursed for each commuter transaction);
    • View individual participant’s transactions.
  9. Provide customer service representatives who are available to answer participant phone calls during the period of 8:00 AM ET to 8:00 PM ET, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and other non-business days. 
  10. Provide participants with 24/7 access (excluding scheduled maintenance) to our website and our interactive voice response phone system, where participants can access information regarding their commuter benefits. 
  11. Participate in enrollment meetings and benefits fairs for an additional charge.
  12. For an additional fee, add your logo to Debit Card.

(V.3 05/02/2017)