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Debit Card Program

Debit Card Program

If you have elected to offer a card program in connection with your Plan, we will administer the WageWorks debit card program as follows:

  1. Provision of Cards.
    We will provide one (1) WageWorks debit card (“Card”) to each participant.  Additional Cards may be provided upon request for use by the participant’s spouse and/or dependents who are over 18 years of age.  Cards, including additional and replacement cards, are provided at no charge.  
  2. Use.
    Cardholders may use the Card at approved locations, facilities, merchants and/or vendors to pay for eligible expenses.
  3. Card Services.
    We will update participant records, maintain accurate account balances and deposit information, activate and deactivate Cards, respond to participant inquiries and provide appropriate notices of actions taken with respect to the Card.
  4. Payments.
    Card transactions will be withdrawn against a participant’s account and you shall reimburse us according to terms of your Funding Agreement.  
  5. Improper Card Usage/Fraud.
    You shall notify us immediately if you suspect or confirm any inappropriate or fraudulent Card usage.  We will take reasonable action to investigate and resolve improper Card transactions that we become aware of in accordance with applicable law and regulations (e.g., by offsetting the ineligible expense against a proper expense).  We may elect to suspend a participant’s Card until such issue is resolved.  If we cannot correct the improper use, we will notify you and you shall be responsible to correct the transaction by adopting such measures as are required by applicable law and regulations (e.g., deducting the amount from the participant’s wages).   
  6. Lost or Stolen Cards.
    We agree to cancel, as soon as is administratively practicable, a participant's Card when the Card is reported as lost or stolen.  We are not responsible for any transactions that occur prior to the request to cancel is received. 
  7. Termination or Ineligibility.
    We will deactivate a participant’s Card as soon as is administratively practicable after receipt of notice from you that a participant has been terminated or is no longer eligible to participate under the Plan.  We are not responsible for any transactions that occur prior to the request to terminate is received.   
  8. Card Use Information.
    We will make information regarding proper Card usage available to you for your distribution and/or directly to the participants. 
  9. Data Hosting; Right to Use Data.
    All Card data resides on servers owned by or operated on behalf of our service providers.  You grant us and our service providers the right to receive, process and use such data to administer the Card program and provide related services to you and your participants, as well as the right to derive and use aggregate and statistical de-identified data obtained therefrom.
  10. Grant of License.
    If applicable per our service agreement, you grant us and our service providers a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to use your trademarks in connection with the Card program, in the forms and formats approved by you in connection with (i) the Card, (ii) periodic statements and (iii) participant communications regarding their accounts.  The name of the financial institution that issues the Card, a website Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and a customer service phone number will be printed on each Card.
  11. Treatment of Card Transactions.
    One or more Card transactions, or groups or categories of Card transactions, may be treated differently pursuant to our provision of Services in accordance with the terms and conditions of our service agreement with you, and such treatment shall be determined by WageWorks, in its sole discretion.


[V. 5/21/18]