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Tuition (SAMS)

I.      Client’s Responsibilities

You are the administrator of the tuition reimbursement plan (“Plan”).  As such, only you have the power to waive, alter, breach or modify any of the terms and conditions of the Plan, and you exercise all discretion, control or authority with respect to the disposition of the available benefits.  As such, you shall:

  1. Make available the personnel and resources necessary for the implementation and ongoing administration of the program. The first implementation meeting is typically four (4) hours.
  2. Prior to the first implementation meeting, provide all necessary Plan documents, including any reference documents, in the prescribed electronic data file format. These documents will be posted on the client-specific tuition website.  
  3. Assist in conducting the initial program setup according to mutually agreed upon Plan administration procedures, including:
    • Providing a list of the parameters for approved course and/or school selections.
    • Providing necessary payment/payroll file specifications for development.
    • Providing a technical resource for implementation for tasks, which may include file creation and testing (e.g., Demographic File, Payment/Payroll File, History File and In-flight File), and SFTP and Single Sign On setup and testing.
    • Establishing the approval workflow process for the Demographic File.
    • Supplying required text for and final approval of designated web configuration sections.
    • Conducting user acceptance testing before going into production.
    • Providing accurate and complete year-to-date participant transactional data via the History File, if applicable.
  4. Provide a single in-bound Demographic File feed in the prescribed electronic data file format for initial enrollment and eligibility and ongoing eligibility on a scheduled basis via upload to the SFTP server.
  5. Correct all errors in any data, files or other materials provided to us by you or on your behalf by your third party service providers. We do not audit data, files or other information provided by you or your third party service providers.
  6. For processing reimbursement of participant claims, either:
    • Timely and accurately process all Payment/Payroll Files made available to you via download from the SFTP service, or
    • Execute a Funding Agreement and provide all funding required to cover all payments (i.e., reimbursements) issued by WageWorks under the Plan in accordance with the Funding Agreement. We shall not be obligated to issue any payments in the absence of an executed Funding Agreement. You have the sole responsibility and obligation to provide us with all required funding.
  7. Timely pay all service fees.
  8. Notify WageWorks at least ninety (90) days before any changes to your Plan are to become effective. Depending upon the complexities of the changes, additional time and/or additional fees may be required.
  9. Administer all participant claims appeals and override decisions.
  10. Comply with all applicable laws with respect to your Plan, including any reporting and disclosure requirements imposed on the Plan.


II.     WageWorks’ Responsibilities 

We have been engaged by you to provide certain administration services in connection with your Plan.  Accordingly, you have authorized us to use our standard procedures for the provision of services that have been designed in accordance with applicable IRS Section 127 taxation regulations.  We shall provide our services in accordance with the framework of policies, interpretations, rules, practices and procedures as set forth in the Plan documents, and as otherwise mutually agreed upon or as directed by you.  We shall:

  1. Conduct introductory meetings with your key managers and staff personnel regarding the Plan services.
  2. If applicable, provide template plan and FAQ documents for your review, completion and adoption.
  3. Provide you with a set of electronic file layout requirements for the delivery of data to us.
  4. Import historical data provided in the prescribed electronic file format, if applicable.
  5. Process initial and ongoing enrollment and eligibility data files submitted by you in the prescribed electronic data file format.
  6. Process data and claim requests submitted by participants directly through proper methods (e.g., our website).
  7. Administer all funding provided by you pursuant to the terms of the Funding Agreement.
  8. Provide a Payment File that will be used by the Client for Client’s internal reporting needs and taxable payments according to the Client’s interpretation of applicable tax laws
  9. Issue payments via the following methods:
    • Payment/Payroll File – provide a Payment/Payroll File to you for processing.
    • Voucher - Issue payments for eligible expenses on behalf of a participant via check directly to the educational institution.
    • Reimbursement Services - Issue a reimbursement payment for eligible expenses through check to the participant.
  10. Provide you with access to our website where you may:
    • Access Administrator Tools.
    • Create, view and download standard and customized reports (e.g., summary of dollars paid by participants /educational institution, the total number of participants, the total amount of tuition benefits paid or reimbursed).
    • View individual participant transactions.
    • Administer appeals.
  11. Provide you with manager approval workflow with multiple levels (up to three)
  12. Provide participants with 24/7 access (excluding scheduled maintenance) to our website, where participants may:
    • Access information regarding the Plan.
    • Submit tuition application requests.
    • Submit requests for payment of eligible expenses.
    • Access School Network and discounted Textbook offerings, if applicable.
  13. Provide customer service representatives who are available to answer participant phone calls during the period of 8:00 a.m. (ET) to 8:00 p.m. (ET), Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and other non-business days.


III.   Additional Services

In addition to the services set forth above, WageWorks may also provide you with the following optional services, subject to mutual agreement of the parties and the payment of additional fees.  Optional services may include the following:

  1. Participate in enrollment meetings and benefits fairs.
  2. Provide additional miscellaneous services (e.g. special processing, special mailings to employees, stop pay­ments, reissues, special reports, rush service, data retrieval, shipment, copy and print services, etc.).
  3. Provide customization services for non-standard files and/or communications.
  4. Utilize School Network service to obtain tuition discounts from participating educational institutions.
  5. Appeals Management services.

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