Save Time&Money on Your Commute to Work

Commuter Benefits

{Pay for Transit and Parking
with Pre-Tax Dollars}

Commuter Account

WageWorks® Commuter is a pre-tax benefit account used to pay for public transit—including train, subway, bus, ferry, and eligible vanpool—and qualified parking as part of your daily commute to work.

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Why You Need It

  • Save an average of 30% on public transit and parking as part of your daily commute to work
  • Easy to use—download a free mobile app and manage your account with your mobile device
  • No waiting—sign up any time to start saving—and no “use it or lose it” as long as you’re employed by your current employer

How It Works

Simply decide how much to contribute up to the allowed monthly limit. Funds are withdrawn from your paycheck for deposit to your account before taxes are deducted. Pause or cancel contributions to your account at any time. There’s no “use it or lose it” as long as you’re employed by
your current employer.

How You Manage It

Use a variety of convenient payment methods associated with your account. Have monthly transit passes or tickets mailed directly to your home, load funds onto your smart card, or purchase tickets with the

WageWorks® Commuter Card. For parking, use the WageWorks commuter Card to pay your parking provider directly, or get reimbursed for eligible expenses you pay out of pocket.

Manage your account via a secure website on any computer or mobile device that’s connected to the Internet or via the WageWorks EZ Receipts® app.

Contribute up to a maximum of $255 per month for transit and eligible vanpools and $255 per month for qualified parking.

How You Get It

Ready to save? You can sign up for WageWorks Commuter any time—there’s no need to wait for the next Open Enrollment period. Contact the person or organization managing your benefits enrollment and start saving today!

Savings With Your Commuter Account

A Commuter Transit Account is a monthly account  lets you pay for qualified expenses on a pre-tax basis. Simply decide how much to contribute to your Commuter Transit Account up to the allowed monthly limit. The IRS sets the contribution limits. You can contribute up to a maximum of $255 per month* to your Commuter Transit Account. A different limit may apply to you according to your employer’s plan.

Your Estimated Tax Savings
Without Commuter Benefits With Commuter Benefits
Gross annual pay $60,000 Gross annual pay $60,000
Tax rate (30%) -$18,000 Max. annual Commuter
account contribution
Net annual pay =$42,000 Adjusted gross pay =$56,940
Annual commuting expenses -$3,060 Tax rate (30%) -$17,082
Final take-home pay =$38,940 Final take-home pay =$39,858
Take home this much more with a Commuter Benefits Account $918

All figures in this table are estimates and based on an annual salary of $60,000 and maximum contribution limits to the benefit account. Your salary, tax rate, commuter expenses, and tax savings may be different.

Use this calculator to see how much you can save with a Commuter Account.