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Houston Area

Metro Q Card

made easy}

Houston Metro Tutorial

Part 1 Obtain a Metro Q-Card card

Ordering via Direct Load Process

Step 1: Log onto your account on

Step 2: Click on the "Commuter" link. Next, select "Enroll in Commuter" and then "Commuter Transit." Select “Houston Metro” or “Houston Metro Q Card” as the service provider.




Step 3: Select the Metro Q-Card option of your choice.



Step 4a: Select the Face Value to load to your NEW Metro Q-Card.  This is intended for participants who have never received a WageWorks issued Q-Card or who need WageWorks to send them a brand new Q-Card.



Enter/Confirm your contact information:



Submit your order:



Step 4b: Transfer Metro Q-Card. This is intended for participants who have already obtained a WageWorks issued Metro Q-Card.  Enter the serial number of your WageWorks issued Metro Q-Card, select the face value and then follow the above steps to submit your order.



Timing: Your New Metro Q-Card will arrive before the intended benefit month you are ordering for.