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NJ Transit Card

made easy}

NJ Transit Tutorial

Part 1 Order a NJ Transit pass from WageWorks

Step 1: Log onto your account on www.wageworks.com

Step 2: Click on the "Commuter" link. Next, select "Enroll in Commuter" and then "Commuter Transit."

Nj Transit1

Step 3: Select the NJ Transit operator of your choosing:

Nj Transit2

Step 4: Select your product and click “next”:

Nj Transit3 

Step 5: Use the drop down boxes to select the specific pass of your choosing and click “next”:

Nj Transit4

Step 6: Confirm your contact information and click “next”

Nj Transit5

Step 7: Submit your order

Nj Transit6

WageWorks will send you your pass by the first of the intended benefit month.  If you do not receive your pass by the 1st, please reach out to our customer service department at (877) 924-3967.