Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Kit

Welcome to your best Open Enrollment ever! This kit contains everything you need to make Open Enrollment a huge success. The comprehensive campaign guide helps you plan, design, and execute an Open Enrollment campaign that engages your employees and motivates them to sign up for your benefits programs. Our informative Open Enrollment webinars —three in total —show you how it’s done. Plus, new ready-made communications assets are available on the Media Gallery. Don’t wait—get started on Open Enrollment planning now.

New Healthcare FSA

New Healthcare FSA

Boost Enrollment with Carryover


Introducing take care by WageWorks Healthcare FSA with Carryover

What’s the one sure way you can boost enrollment in your Healthcare FSA program, enjoy greater tax savings, and create happier, healthier, more productive employees?

The answer is easy. Adopt a take care® by WageWorks Healthcare FSA with Carryover.

When you adopt the take care Healthcare FSA with Carryover, you’ll be able to attract more new employees to your Healthcare FSA program. You’ll encourage current participants to re-enroll. And you’ll provide incentive for more employees to contribute more money to their Healthcare FSAs each year. All this generates greater tax savings for your company and greater return on your Healthcare FSA investment.

Plan Design and Enrollment

Plan Design and Enrollment

Evaluate and Submit Your Plan Information


Plan Design and Enrollment

Evaluate your benefit offerings

Is your health plan changing?  Will you be adding a high-deductible health plan, Commuter plan, or the healthcare FSA with Carryover option? Adding these features is easy. Simply contact our Relationship Management Team at 888-342-3532. 

Insurance Co-Pay Information Form

When the take care® card is used for healthcare items at a drugstore, superstore, or grocery store, the payment is automatically verified at checkout for IRS purposes. However, when the card is used for a copayment at the doctor's office, we must have a copay amount on file in order to automatically verify the card payment.

Plan ahead, and provide us with this information by simply using this downloadable form.

Download Now


Submit Your New Plan Enrollments

You can key in your enrollments or upload a file directly to the website. You can use our simplified Microsoft® Excel® file to upload your enrollments. If you have an HRA or Commuter plan, we can upload a file of the current elections to your website so that you can make changes.

Due 30 days prior to plan renewal.

Download Your Enrollment Spreadsheet Now