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Employee Benefits Account Management

Employee Benefits

WageWorks Commuter Card

The WageWorks® Commuter Card is the quick and easy way to pay for qualified public transit and parking expenses using your WageWorks Commuter benefit account. You’ll love the swipe-and-go convenience of this card. Use it to buy tickets, vouchers, and monthly passes for the train, subway, bus, ferry and/or to pay for vanpooling and parking as part of your commute to work.

Paying for Your Eligible Commuting Expenses Just Got Easier

Spot Commuter Card Final

Why use your WageWorks Commuter Card?

  • Make buying monthly transit passes and paying for parking quick, easy, and convenient
  • Use the card to pay for qualified public transit or qualified parking expenses—just swipe and go
  • Easily change or pause monthly contributions to your card—just be sure to log into your WageWorks account site for your order/cancellation deadlines

“My WageWorks Commuter Card makes it so convenient to buy my monthly transit pass. It works just like a debit card. I just load money onto my pass using my payment card, and I’m on my way. It couldn’t be easier!”

- A happy WageWorks Commuter Card holder


WageWorks Commuter Card 101

Using Your Card

The WageWorks Commuter Card is a convenient payment method tied to your WageWorks commuter benefit account(s). You decide how much money to load onto your card each month to cover your monthly commuting costs. Depending on your employer’s plan setup, funds are loaded on your WageWorks Commuter Card on either a pay period basis or once a month.

The WageWorks Commuter Card makes it quick and easy to pay for eligible commuting expenses. Use the card to buy virtually any type of monthly public transit pass, including bus, light rail, regional rail, streetcar, vanpool, subway, and ferry. If your company offers a WageWorks Commuter Parking Account, you may also use the card to pay for a wide variety of parking options.

It’s easy—just swipe and go! When you swipe your card at checkout, choose "credit" (even though it isn't a credit card).

Getting Your Card

Depending on your employer’s setup, you may get your card when you sign up for one or more of these accounts, or you may select an option to receive the card when you register for one or more of these accounts:

Your human resources department or benefits administrator can tell you how employees in your organization receive a WageWorks Commuter Card when they enroll in one or more WageWorks commuter benefit accounts. 

Key Features and Benefits of Your WageWorks Commuter Card

A Card for Each WageWorks Commuter Benefit Account

There’s a separate payment card for each WageWorks commuter benefit account:

Works Seamlessly with the WageWorks Web Portal and Mobile App

The WageWorks Commuter Card and your WageWorks account are completely integrated. The Card Center on the WageWorks web portal not only shows your recent card transactions and available account balances; it also provides more information about where and how to use your card, ordering replacement cards, and downloading important forms associated with your card.

On the WageWorks mobile app, you can easily take photos of your card transaction receipts and save them to your WageWorks account should you later need to submit receipts to verify card use.

Questions about your WageWorks Commuter Card? Check out the FAQs in the Employee Help Center. 

The Card Center on the WageWorks web portal is your one-stop shop for information about your WageWorks Commuter Card. 

The WageWorks mobile app makes saving receipts from your WageWorks Commuter Card transactions fast and easy.

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