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Commuter Benefit Accounts

Employee Benefits

Payment Options

WageWorks makes it easy for you to use the money in your Commuter Transit Account to pay and get reimbursed for eligible transit expenses.

These payment options are fully automated. Log into your WageWorks account on either the web portal or the mobile app, select your preferred payment option, and follow the prompts. 

The Buy My Pass Option

Log into your WageWorks account and identify the transit agency pass you want to buy, and it’s delivered to your home or office. You can choose to have passes mailed automatically each month. WageWorks makes every effort to ensure that passes are delivered by the first of the benefit month.

It’s easy to get your transit pass delivered to you automatically every month. Just select Every Month when using the Buy My Pass option.

The Load My Smart Card Option

Log into your WageWorks account to load money onto transit agency smart cards (where available) directly from your account. Tutorials on how to load smart cards are available here.

The Pay by Debit Card Option

Depending on your employer’s plan, you may use the convenient WageWorks Commuter Card associated with your WageWorks account to pay for eligible public transit expenses.

You decide how much money to load onto your card each month to cover your monthly transit costs. Depending on your employer’s plan setup, funds are loaded on your WageWorks Commuter Card on either a pay period basis or once a month.

As with every payment option, be sure to save your receipts for all WageWorks Commuter Card transactions.

Questions about your card? Check out the FAQs in the Employee Support Center.

Employee Resource Center

Ready-to-use tools to help you make the most of your WageWorks benefits.